Improvements in Invoicing, New Protocols Module, New Functions for Additional Properties

17. februára 2023

Attachment to Invoices Listing Works and Transport

Update 3.1.6 brings the expected graphical listing of fulfillments and transport to the invoice. The listing can include records of work and transportation performed under contract, separately billable at an hourly rate, per unit charge, and under other types of billing items. The contents of the listing can be set in the billing item. The listing of works can be downloaded in pdf format directly from the invoice.

Tlačidlo pre vytvorenie výpisu prác z vystavenej faktúry
Figure: Button for creating a listing of works from an issued invoice
Výpis prác a dopravy
Figure: Listing of works and transport


In the global settings of invoices (Global settings -> Documents -> Invoices) there is a new setting that allows you to select which information will be displayed in the listing of fulfillments on the invoice.

Výber údajov do výpisu plnení k faktúre
Figure: Selecting data for the invoice listing of fulfillments

It Is Possible to Add Stock Cards to Invoices without Links to Deals

When creating new invoices without links to deals, it is now possible to add stock cards.

Tlačidlo pre pridanie skladovej výdajky a skladovej položky na faktúre bez väzby na zákazku
Figure: Button for adding stock cards and items on the invoice without a link to the deal


The addition of stock cards on the invoice is controlled by new settings that have been added in Global Settings -> Documents -> Invoices.

Nové nastavenia pre pridávanie skladových výdajok a položiek na faktúrach
Figure: New settings for adding stock cards and items on the invoice

Additional Properties Can Be Changed When Bulk Editing Requests

Bulk editing of additional properties was so far only available in the CMDB configuration database. With the 3.1.6 update, this option has been added also for the list of requests. When bulk editing, the first step is to select which additional properties are to be edited. These ones can then be edited in the selected requests.

Výber doplnkových vlastností pre hromadnú editáciu
Figure: Selecting additional properties for bulk editing
Hromadná editácia doplnkových vlastností v požiadavkách
Figure: Bulk editing of additional properties in requests

The CMDB List of Items Can Be Searched for Additional Properties

Enhancements related to additional properties were made not only in the requests, but also in the CMDB configuration database. Searching in columns that originated from additional properties was so far only possible via advanced filter. In the last update, a feature was added to allow searching in additional properties by entering expressions directly into the search field. To ensure that searching for items using the search field is not slowed down in the environment that contains a lot of items, this feature can be enabled/disabled in the global settings of the CMDB configuration database.

Možnosť pre zapnutie / vypnutie funkcie pre vyhľadávanie v doplnkových vlastnostiach
Figure: Option to enable/disable the search function in additional properties

New List of Billing items

After opening a specific deal, you can view the billing items linked to that deal only. Until now, there was no central register view in CDESK, where billing items from all deals were listed in a summary. Such a register is offered by the newly added module Billing items, which is located under Deals in the menu.

Zoznam všetkých účtovných položiek zobrazený v moduly Účtovné položky
Figure: List of all billing items displayed in the Billing items module


Access to individual items is facilitated by filtering and search options. When you click on a specific record, a modal window with the billing item detail is displayed.

Detail účtovnej položky zobrazený cez modul Účtovné položky
Figure: Detail of an billing item displayed via the Billing items module

Protocols – New Menu Item Used to Record Handover and Acceptance of Completed Deals

The Deals module allows you to keep track of deals, plan their execution, divide tasks and many other actions related to work on deals. With the 3.1.6 update, the possibilities of working with deals have been extended with an additional function: the newly added Protocols module can record the handover and acceptance of a completed deal.

Formulár protokolu
Figure: Protocol form


Protocols are located under Documents in the menu. It provides a clear list of all already issued protocols. The list provides all the standard functions of the CDESK lists, such as filtering and searching.

Zoznam vystavených protokolov v moduly Protokoly
Figure: List of issued protocols in Protocols


The Protocols module can be enabled in the global settings of Documents.

Zapnutie modulu Protokoly v globálnych nastaveniach
Figure: Enabling the Protocols module in Global Settings

New Option to Define Second Level of Type in Tasks

Update 3.1.6 comes also with a new feature for Tasks, where you can define a second type level for each task type. This allows better and more detailed sorting and searching of individual tasks, as the second type level can be selected as a condition in the advanced filter. The second level is also included in the task export.

Výber druhej úrovne typu vo formulári úlohy
Figure: Selecting the second level type in the task form


Like the task types, the associated second levels can be defined in the global settings of tasks. It is also possible to set whether the selection of the second level of the task type is mandatory, optional, or completely disabled.

Konfigurácia druhého typu úloh v globálnych nastaveniach
Figure: Configure the second task type in Global Settings
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Dashboard Settings for New Accounts Applied Even if Created by Cloning

In the global settings of the Dashboard, you can set widgets for operators and assignees and for other account types. These settings are now also applied to accounts created by cloning.

Address Book

Setting the Company Logo for Invoices

The logo for invoices was previously set in the global settings and was uniform for all invoices, even if they were issued through different accounting entities. The logo for invoices is now set directly in the company. There is a link between the accounting entity and the company in the address book and this will get the logo from the company settings to the invoice issued via the accounting entity.

Nastavenie loga pre účtovnú jednotku
Figure: Setting the logo for an accounting entity


If there are no configuration items available in the request, neither the button for selecting them nor the CMDB Items tab is displayed

In earlier versions, if the user could not select any item from the configuration database, a message popped up on the request stating that there were no items available for assignment. The same message was displayed on the CMDB Items tab. This has been changed and now the option to select items is not displayed if the user does not have access to them.

The option to select a configuration item is not shown provided that:

  • the user does not have permissions to create configuration items.
  • in the global settings, the selection of items from the main groups under which the customer has registered configuration items is not allowed.
  • the request is created via a template on which item selection is disabled.
  • the request is created for a company that has no items from the main groups that are enabled in the global settings or on the request template.

If any of these prerequisites are met, the CMDB Items tab is not displayed either.

Formulár požiadavky, ktorý neobsahuje možnosť výberu konfiguračných položiek
Figure: Request form that does not include the option to select configuration items
Item in the Configuration Database (CMDB) Can Be Created from a Request Draft

The functionality has been modified in case the user has permission to create new configuration items and creates a request for a company that has no item from the allowed Main Groups. In this case, the message about not being able to select an item is not displayed, but the button to add a new item.

Tlačidlo na pridanie konfiguračnej položky z draftu požiadavky
Figure: Button to add a configuration item from the request draft
New Permission to Access the Attachment Field in Requests and Work Orders

A new permission has been added in the permissions for both requests and work orders, specifying access to the field for adding attachments. This permission is enabled by default for all account types. If it is turned off, neither the attachment field nor the attached attachments will be displayed in the request/work order form. However, attachments added via discussion or Ext-mail will still be displayed.

Nové oprávnenie určujúce prístup k poľu na pridávanie príloh
Figure: New permission specifying access to the field for adding attachments
Add Permission to Edit Assignee Field

With the latest update, the permissions settings for the Assignee field in the request have been expanded. The permission to edit this field has been added.

Oprávnenia pre editáciu poľa riešiteľ
Figure: Permissions for editing the assignee field
Date Fields in the Simple Filter Can Be Set by Selecting Date via Calendar Icon

In previous versions of CDESK, the date fields in the simple filter could be filled in only by manually entering the date. From now on, the date can also be set by clicking on the calendar icon to display the calendar in which the date can be selected. Such a component is used everywhere in CDESK where a date needs to be set.

Výber dátumu v jednoduchom filtri prostredníctvom ikony kalendára
Figure: Selecting a date in the simple filter via the calendar icon
Copying Regular Requests

In practice, a situation may arise where it is necessary to create a regular request that has similar parameters to an already created one. To make this process as fast as possible, we added the option to copy regular requests. Everything is copied from the original regular request, including additional properties and generation conditions.

Tlačidlo pre vytvorenie kópie pravidelnej požiadavky
Figure: Button to create a copy of a regular request
Filter the List of Requests by Attachment Name

A new option to filter by attachment name has been added to the advanced filter in the list of requests. When filtering by attachments, the following comparators are used:
• Contains – when you select this option, a text box appears. Requests with attachments whose name contains the specified phrase are then listed.
• Filled-in – all requests with attachments are listed.
• Not filled-in – only requests with no attachment are displayed.

Filtrovanie zoznamu požiadaviek podľa príloh
Figure: Filtering the list of requests by attachments
Insert Your Signature in Ext-Mails the Same Way as in Discussion

In previous versions of CDESK, the user signature was only applied to discussion posts. With the latest update, the signature functionality has been updated also for posts sent via the Ext-mail tab.

Pridanie podpisu na príspevok v Ext-mail
Figure: Adding a signature to a post in Ext-mail
Adding All Assignees to Addresses Offered in the New Ext-Mail Post

With the latest update, the issue where all assignees were not available when sending messages via Ext-mail has also been resolved.

When Request with Selected Assignee Is Terminated Quickly, Logged-In User Is Not Set as Assignee

The latest update also solves the problem with changing the assignee when the request is quickly terminated. If there is an assignee selected for the request, on quick termination of the request this assignee will not change to the currently logged-in user. The assignee is only selected in this way if there is no assignee selected for the request being terminated.


Columns from Deals Added to the List of Requests and List of Fulfillments – Deal Name and Code

Added columns with information on deals – Deal Name and Deal Code – to the lists of requests and fulfillments. These columns can also be included in the XLS export and can be found in the advanced filter.

Stĺpce s údajmi o zákazkách v zozname požiadaviek
Figure: Columns with deal details in the list of requests
Optional Order of Billing items on Deals

In the list of billing items on the deal, the option to change their order has been added. Changing the order is done in a simple Drag&Drop way. Based on this order, the billing items will be sorted in the invoice and in the listing of fulfillments.

Ikona pre zmenu poradia účtovných položiek na zákazke
Figure: Icon for changing the order of billing items on the deal
New Way to Make Deals Available: By Listing Users on the Visibility Tab

A new Visibility tab has been added to Deals, where you can select groups and specific users from the groups to which the deal will additionally be made available. In this way, it is possible to make a deal available to users without permission to access other people’s deals. However, a user will only have access to a given deal if the company is visible to them.

Nová záložka Viditeľnosť vo formulári zákazky
Figure: New Visibility tab in the deal form


Separate Invoice Number Series by Accounting Entity

Only suppliers (companies) with an assigned accounting entity can be selected for invoices. Each supplier has its own accounting system, so a change has been made to number invoices separately for each accounting entity. This means that the invoice numbering for Supplier A will be independent of the invoice numbering of Supplier B.

Accounting Entities

CDESK Has an Internal Monetary Currency, Which Is Currently Implemented in Invoices and Orders

In Global Settings -> Accounting, it is possible to define an internal currency for the accounting entity. This is used to convert the foreign currency of the document into the currency used by the accounting entity. For example, your entity accounts in euros and the invoice will be issued in US dollars, so the order form in the list of orders will also show the amount in the internal currency: in euros. In orders, the conversion is made according to the date of issue of the order and in invoices according to the date of delivery.

Interná peňažná mena zobrazená v objednávke
Figure: Internal currency displayed in the order
Exchange Rates for Calculating the Internal Total in Documents

The calculation of the internal monetary currency is performed by the newly implemented exchange rates. You can find them in CDESK under Archive -> Exchange Rates and access to it is controlled by a special permission. The data for the exchange rates is automatically loaded every day from the ECB interface.

Exchange rates for each day are displayed in the exchange rate table. An auxiliary exchange rate calculator has been added to the interface.

Výpis kurzu a kurzová kalkulačka v kurzovom lístku

Figure: Exchange rate history and exchange rate calculator


Redesigned List of Orders with Column Selection and Sorting Options

Update 3.1.6 brought several improvements to the list of orders. Column display is now managed in the standard way via the gear icon. 

It is also possible to select directly in the list what type of order will be added. The Add button has been replaced by a pair of buttons Register Order and Place Order.

Nastavenie zobrazenia stĺpcov v zozname objednávok
Figure: Setting the display of columns in the list of orders
Tlačidlá pre prijatie a vystavenie objednávky
Figure: Buttons to register and place an order


The List of Fulfillments Can Be Filtered by Company Type

In the advanced filter of the list of fulfillments, the option to filter by company type has been added. If the fulfillment is tied to the request, deal, work order or task, the filter takes into account the company that is populated on those tied records.

Filtrácia plnení podľa typu spoločností
Figure: Filtering of fulfillments by company type

Message Processing

Select the Draft Owner When Automatically Processing Message as a Draft

When defining a rule that automatically creates a request when processing a received message, you can set it to create only the request draft. In the last update, the option to define the owner of this draft was added. Consequently, when the received message is automatically processed, the owner of the draft is also displayed in the list of messages to process.

Definícia vlastníka draftu v pravidle na automatické spracovanie správy
Figure: Draft owner definition in an automatic message processing rule
Vlastník draftu zobrazený v zozname správ na spracovanie
Figure: Draft owner displayed in the list of messages to process
When Two Identical Messages Are Sent to CDESK from Two Different Addresses, They Are Not Treated as Duplicates and May Be Processed Separately

In previous versions, there was an error when identical messages sent from two different addresses were assigned to the first sender during processing. In version 3.1.6, CDESK can recognize that there are two messages sent to two different addresses. Therefore, they will be split under these addresses during processing. Identical messages sent from different addresses will not be treated as duplicates and can be processed separately.

Identical messages sent from the same address are considered as duplicates. In this case, only one message is processed.

General Functions

Drag&Drop Download of Attachments

Until now, you could only download attachments via the Download button in the context menu of attachments. Update 3.1.6 introduces a new option to download attachments using Drag&Drop: simply drag it from CDESK displayed in the web browser to the folder on the computer using the mouse.

Drag&Drop stiahnutie príloh
Figure: Drag&Drop download attachments